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XB-Fit Energy Scam

If you are reading this XB-Fit Energy Review then it is obvious that you are thinking about locating out much more information on the company. This is a ought to read article since it will give you all of the info you require to choose whether or not this ffbb company is for you. In this review, I will take a appear at the company, the compensation plan and why 95% of people who join XB-Fit Energy will fail within the 1st 90 days.

XB-Fit Energy Profile

XB-Fit Power is a wellness and wellness network marketing. The company was founded by Joe Greco in 2009 and it is situated in Florida. Joe has more than 15 years of experience. The company is also led by Nick Bello. He is the company's Success Coach and he has over 12 years' expertise in network marketing. Joe and Nick both have the information and experience to take the company to new heights.

The company sells XB Fit Energy Drink. The power drink contains 65 trace minerals, acai berry, aloe Vera extract, b-vitamins, green tea extract and mangostteen. All the ingredients are good for strengthen your immune system, appropriate cholesterol and blood sugar levels, weight loss, and correct blood flow. The company also offer you 2 ounce shots for people who are on the go.

XB-Fit Energy Compensation Plan

You can become a distributor for $65 and you can start off to build a effective organization using the company. As a distributor using the company, you have 10 solutions to earn a commission. There are Retail Sales, Quickly Commence ffbb Bonus, Stock Profit Sharing, Binary Cycle Bonus, Check Matching Bonus, Coding Bonus, Enroller/leadership Bonus Pool, Mega Bonus Pool, Rank Advancement Bonus and Cedes Club. The company has produced their compensation plan extremely lucrative by giving distributors 10 approaches to earn a commission check.

Why 95% of people will fail in XB-Fit Energy inside the very first 90 days?

XB-Fit Energy has solid leadership, good products and a lucrative compensation plan but still 95 percent of people who join will not succeed in this company. I wish to give you the best factors why and what you require to do to have success using the XB-Fit Energy.

1. Lack Marketing Training. Not merely do you have to know how to approach your warm market of buddies and family members, you need to expand your business on-line due to the fact you can in fact reach thousands of new prospects every day. If you don't know how to effectively develop your business on-line using Article Marketing, Facebook, Facebook PPC, Web 2.0, Video Marketing and so a lot more your business will fail.

2. Lack of Leads - Leads are the lifeblood of any network marketing business. When you run out of buddies and family members, most people will see their business beginning to fail. Most up-lines only know about offline marketing and will not have the ability to teach you how to go on the web to create your business.

3. Lack of Recruiting Abilities - Have you ever wondered how some people can recruit 2-3 people a week and others struggle to recruit 1 every 6 months. It ffbb is since they have mastered recruiting people into their business and this is a skill you should have if you want success in XB-Fit Energy.

4. Lack of Income. Not producing quick income will make people feel discourage and because of Attrition they will just leave the business and join yet another.

This are the top 4 factors why you and 95% of other distributors won't have achievement. I recommend utilizing an attraction marketing program that may enable you to overcome these 4 obstacles.

In conclusion, XB-Fit Energy looks to be a solid company. This only will not make certain that you have success. It all comes down to how well you bring in other people into your business. Without marketing training, leads, income and recruiting abilities, you won't be able to succeed in XB-Fit Energy.

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