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Wii Fit Reviews - Marketing Hype or Worth It?

Let me start out this article by describing the Wii FIt. The Wii Fit is white, Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 13.00 x 20.00 x 3.00 inches It uses power of 4 x AA batteries and the unit weighs 4.5 kg. First of I want to say the the Wii Fit balance board is top notch in quality. Very Durably built, rubber feet on the bottom of it to make sure that it does not move around while in use.

If you haven't heard, the Wii Fit is latest device to take the wii consumers by storm. This changes everything from a pure games console perspective. The notion that game consoles are just for sit down on the couch and play type of situation has just been turned on it's head. Let me try to describe the core of the Wii Fit the inner functions, is called the balance board. What is the balance board you ask? Well it is a multi point electronic sensing weigh scale. Basically what that means it not only is able to measure your weight but it also can detect changes in your weight and pressure when your are standing on it. There is a sensor built into that checks weight changes many times a second.

NOw next question what is this thing going to do for me? Included with the wii fit are several games. The main game takes you through some exercise training drills, strength training, aerobic exercises,yoga, or even just balance training. The first thing when you switch it on it asks you a few things about your height and weight and age. This is to calculate your BMI aka body mass index. This is password protected in case you are shy and don't want others to know how much you weigh or your training scores. NOw while this is all good and dandy, I would take the Wii BMI reading with a grain of salt, for one it may output that you are a 20 year old with a BMI of a 45 year old does not mean that the unit is correct. The Wii BMI calculation does not factor in your muscle mass or heavier bone structure, so like I say don't take the readings to heart.

Does the Wii Fit actually work? Will I be able to lose weight with it and slim down. Well Let's put it simply it is like everything in life. The more effort you put into it, the more return you will get. The Wii Fit games have been testes by many and found that they were effective. The onscreen trainer instructs you to do sit-ups and push-ups and run in one place. While the balance board will measure how good a job you are doing or how poorly you are doing with the exercises. The balance board detects small changes in your weight on the board and it will move the onscreen figure accordingly. The way it works you start off by doing some simple exercises and move to more complicated ones the higher a ranking you achieve. You can set a female or a Male trainer, who will help you with the exercises. The trainers will also tell you if you are not doing well enough and areas were you should improved, so the interactivity is very good.

Don't be fooled by the Nintendo Wii name and the game console ring to it. Most of the exercises are very real and demanding,if you are not used to working out you will work up a sweat for sure. Some of the activities included aerobic and balance activities that let you do anything from rotating a hula hoop around the onscreen figures hips, by moving yours with the same circular motion, to doing a downhill snowboarding race. Like all games you could probably cheat after awhile by knowing exactly when you have to shift your weight around, but what would the point of that be. You would cheat yourself out of a good exercise and would be waisting your own time.

Some Negative points is that you can't just turn it on and start exercising, Also to customize your own exercise schedule is also not possible. For example you wanted to start of just doing yOga to worm up, then do some muscle toning exercises and then move on to aerobics exercise. Instead you will have to access the menu to go from one type of exercise to another which can get in the way of your workout.

To sum things up a bit the nintendo wii Fit is a very entertaining way to get fit, no it does not replace a full scale Gym. but on the other hand, being able to train in your own home or anywhere else for that matter. You can put the unit in a small satchel and take it to your friends house and train with a partner. These features alone make it worth. Many have said Exercising is boring, well the Wii Fit had been able to turn the tables on that old adage and find a way to make exercise fun and innovative.

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